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Why Shivani Impex?

                                What makes Shivani Impex your best business partner in India…

We Combine Core Family Values & Business Ethics.

  1. We are a family-owned business that’s professionally-managed.
  2. Personal touch with professional service is our biggest asset.

We Stand for Integrity, Trust and Commitment

  1. Promising and delivering the best value for money to our customers is our way of life.
  2. We assure you of the best quality, best price and timely delivery.

No Compromises on Quality

  1. We stand by our quality claims at any stage of the transaction.
  2. We have a strong internal Q.A, system with highly experienced, dedicated Q.A. teams.
  3. Strict Q.C. checks and stringent quality inspections ensure total quality.

We Value your Time

  1. We enjoy one of the best track records for timely delivery.
  2. We are realistic in giving delivery dates; thus avoiding  last-minute surprises.

We Manage your Labeling & Packaging Need

  1. We have a dedicated in-house department to manage your packaging needs.
  2. Latest UPC/Barcode Printing machines, scanners, etc.

Putting People Before Profit

  1. We hire the best people in each business area.
  2. We offer a healthy working environment to employees.
  3. Happy staff means better productivity, better products and increased growth.

Our Strength

  1. The ability for “Sourcing internationally. Fabricating Locally. Competing globally” is the secret of our success.
  2. Domestic sourcing involves sourcing from key production centres like Surat, Ahmedabad, and South India.
  3. Fabricating locally involves centralized value-additions performed at the Mumbai-based factory, where all the processes  take place using skilled labour  and sophisticated equipments in a state-of-the-art environment.
  4. Thus, global sourcing of raw materials from their point of origin and subsequent blending them in our centralized production facility makes our Home Products unique in nature.
  5. Competing globally is our forte - as point-of-origin sourcing gives us an unbeatable price advantage and cost saving. Thanks to unmatched logistics and composite fabrication, we can meet better world standards in price and quality.
  6. We are committed to “on-time delivery” with quality and have set a record for timely delivery with our shipment.
  7. Team Work – Team work among the workforce, identifying the individual strength & capability & capitalizing it.
  8. We are in the process of getting our Complan Factory approval for BSCI –Business Social Compliance Initiative.


Our Quality Policy

  1. Quality is not just a word; it is an action-word at Shivani Impex. For us, therefore, quality is never an accident; but the result of conscious efforts that manifest in our product, our people and our services and in our very mind-set.

We score on quality thanks to…

  • Best raw material.
  • Sourcing top quality yarn.
  • State of the art production centers.
  • Imported machinery and equipments for fine finishing.
  • Quality checks during dyeing and printing.
© Copyright 2008 . Shivani Impex
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